Voter Mobilization/GOTV

No American who registers to vote on time and is eligible to vote should be denied the ability to do so because of last-minute problems or confusion. The important gains organizations make by registering new voters will be lost if they don’t make sure that new registrants actually vote. Organizations can prevent this from occurring with an effective get-out-the-vote effort in which they provide accurate information about a state’s voting requirements. Knowing polling place locations, schedules for early and absentee voting, ID requirements, and other important details is essential to maximizing the number of people you get to the polls.

FELN produces a series of user-friendly guides (find those under State Resources) to assist organizations with their GOTV programs. These short guides provide state-specific information groups can give to employees and volunteers to make sure that people can vote early, by absentee ballot, or on Election Day without problems.

FELN Reports, Guides and Other Resources



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