State Voting Resources
For a quick reference for your state please refer to FELN's State Voting Resources chart. This document includes registration deadlines, whether early voting is available, and websites and contact information for each state's Secretary of State.

Use to search for your Election Day polling place, early voting locations, and the issues and candidates on your ballot.
The Fair Elections Legal Network, since it’s founding in 2006, has worked with national and state c3 and c4 voter mobilization groups to provide guidance and resources as they conduct voter registration and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) drives. Each state has a different set of rules and guidelines to follow. FELN aims to help organizations to navigate these rules and procedures to ensure compliance and maximize their registration and GOTV efforts in the state. Additionally, FELN will provide reports and practical recommendations to overcome the hurdles that many voters face when trying to cast a ballot – particularly youth, students, those facing foreclosure, and jobseekers that frequently move.
This section breaks down our resources in two ways: by issue and by state. You can navigate through the section using the links in the sidebar on the left.
In the Issues section are the issues on which FELN has worked. On each issue page you will find a basic explanation of the issue, recent developments and news from FELN on the issue as well as downloadable reports, fact sheets, and guides on the issue.
In the State section you will find pertinent electoral information for the state such as the state’s chief election officer with contact information, basic information on absentee and early voting, voter registration deadlines, and identification requirements. You will also find information on any recent legislation introduced that will affect voters as well as guides and fact sheets (if available) for the state.

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