Working with Allies

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Brenda Jones, Executive Director, ACLU of Eastern Missouri

"The Fair Elections Legal Network has been a great partner in our challenge to a misleading ballot proposal that would amend the state constitution to require photo ID for Missourians to vote, disenfranchising thousands.  FELN's expertise in election law and administration has helped guide our strategic approach to fight against this constitutional amendment.  FELN's efforts have made a difference in our effort to protect voting rights and together we will continue this crucial work."

Joan Flood Ashwell, Election Law Specialist, League of Women Voters of New Hampshire

“The Fair Elections Legal Network has been of immense help to the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire as we fight a continuing battle to protect the right to vote for all of our state's citizens. The FELN has helped us by answering our many questions about implementation of the Help America Vote Act and the Voting Rights Act, by providing information regarding election laws in other states that relate to bills introduced in New Hampshire and by conducting research that has given us a solid factual basis for our opposition to voter suppression legislation. FELN also invited the LWVNH to join discussions with a national coalition of voting rights advocates that has been a constant source of news, commentary and research reports on voting rights issues."

Maggie Duncan, Program Manager, League of Women Voters Elections

“Thanks to the FELN team for the weekly redistricting round-up! As a field program manager, I have come to count on your succinct and comprehensive rundown.  It helps me stay on top of state-by-state developments and better support our advocacy efforts across the country.”

Steven Robert Allen, Executive Director, Common Cause New Mexico

“Voting rights advocates in New Mexico have been heavily critical of our current Secretary of State after she began claiming in March 2011, without offering any evidence, that undocumented immigrants have voted in New Mexico elections. She subsequently forwarded 64,000 voter registration records to the department of state police for review. The Fair Elections Legal Network helped shape this debate in a way that brought a necessary dose of sanity to a very heated discussion. As an objective observer from out-of-state, FELN’s sharp and timely analysis of state law raised necessary questions about the legality of the Secretary of State’s actions and helped put a stop to a witch hunt that was generating pointless fear among the public over election-related crimes that were never substantiated.”